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Vince Rositano Mobile MarketingCurrently, the App Store has around 1 million apps, and it adds about 20,000 apps per month. In total, there have been over 50 billion app downloads. The Google Play Store has over 1 million apps, and there have been over 50 billion downloads. So, it’s a big market with a large user base for both iOS and Android.

If you’re curious about how to promote your mobile app, this article is for you. In this post is a compiled list of resources that you can learn from and use.

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Five Reasons Why People Love Vince Rositano

Why use Vince Rositano for your next project? Here are a few of the things that people love about him:

1. No only does he have a great desire to help others, he has dedicated hundreds of hours to achieve it!

2. He’s a Great Developer – As a millennial and computer science major, he is learning the latest and greatest software languages and cutting edge techniques that make developers more efficient than ever before!

3. UX and Design – Not only is Vince learning software languages, he is learning UX and graphic design in order to design front end applications and create advanced user experiences. He hopes to design some of the best software applications of the future!

4. Likes to Spend Time Outdoors – When not going to school, working, or volunteering, Vince Rositano likes to surf, mountain bike, and go hiking.

5. Love of Animals – Vince loves to help at the animal shelters, dog rescue, and generally loves walking and taking care of animals. His good heart and love of animals are just some of the traits that make him great!


Try Vince Rositano Designs for great app icons!

With more than a million apps on both the iTunes Store, users have less and less time to make the decision of downloading or not your app. When users browse or search the iTunes app store, their first  impression of your app is your app icon. You would be surprised at how much of an affect an app icon can have on the success or failure of the app itself.  The app store listing in general plays in here, but the icon is the first place that you will lose users.  Here are some tips:

  • Don’t use words
  • Don’t standard gloss
  • Keep it simple, boil down your app to one simple thing
  • Simple flat vector based design

You should create several icons and run polls or ask for feedback from family and friends. You will be surprised at the results. The best converting icon often times is not the one you thought it would be.

Also, take the app store screen from your category’s top 100 apps and insert your icon into it  When you see it amongst the other top apps, you want it to stand out and to create enough curiosity to click on it to find out more.

Good luck creating you app icon, and remember, don’t rush through this, as it will have a huge impact on its success or failure!


Vince Rositano
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