Top-Rated Apple Watch Apps Every Running Enthusiast Ought to Know About

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Do you love running outdoors and testing your endurance over long distances? Are you a gym junkie who often needs to be kicked off the treadmill just so others can have their turn? Running is a deeply satisfying fitness activity that is made even more enjoyable when combined with wearable technology. The Apple Watch is a top pick for runners around the globe. Mobile developers are keen to create running apps for the Apple Watch due to its international popularity. If you are a runner who wants to take your fitness to the next level, review the following apps to see which one will help supercharge your running activities.


Spring is a must-discover Apple Watch app for running enthusiasts. This delightful download helps you increase your running speeds by matching your footsteps to music. Control your running tunes on your wearable device and measure your pace, distance traveled, and running time.




The RunGo app offers audio navigation for runners. Listen to turn-by-turn voice prompts as you run. Perfect for runners who frequently travel on business, this helpful Apple Watch app is also available for iPhones and iPads.




The iSmoothRun app is another top pick for running, cycling, and hiking enthusiasts. Available for the Apple Watch OS3, this handy app helps you track your location, speed, and cadence. Pause data tracking as needed; the iSmoothRun app will automatically restart when you start moving again.


Running and the Apple Watch go together like running shoes and compression socks. They’re great on their own but are even better when paired together. Will you be downloading any of the above-listed fitness apps to your wearable device?


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